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Krumville Bake Shop creates artisanal and unique gluten free baked goods. Founder Antonella Zangheri bakes inventive focaccia, cookies and muffins, that celebrate her rich culinary Italian & Dutch upbringing and simply leave the gluten behind. Using only natural ingredients, whole grains and pure artisanship, Krumville Bake Shop brings rustic European traditions to the American table to seduce the taste buds and satisfy the palate of all epicureans.

Krumville Bake Shop About

our mission, values and process

Our mission is to provide wholesome, fresh, and delicious gluten-free baked goods for all foodies who needs to follow a glutenfree diet.

Creating the best baked goods means using the best ingredients. Our products are free of GMOs, artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives. Our healthful flour blends are high in whole grains (sorghum, brown rice, millet). Our flour blends give our products the unique flavor and extraordinary texture we are known for. We limit the use of refined sugar implementing sweetness from fruits and using alternative sugars such as agave nectar. We also offer products that, in addition to being gluten-free, contain no refined sugars or dairy.

We are a small batch bakery, and we love what we do, most of the batters and doughs are sifted,mixed and moulded by hand, it's a lavor of love and i owe a big thank you my small team of awesome bakers.

All the goods are made in our dedicated gluten-free commercial kitchen located in Brooklyn.


My Story

Hi, I'm Antonella Zangheri, I grew up in Emilia Romagna, a region of Italy famous for its rich culinary heritage. I moved to America at 19 to pursue a college education in photography and after a fulfilling career in Fashion and Advertising I found a new calling. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009, and had to give up many of the foods I grew up with. A deeply passionate foodie like me got very disappointed with the available products, but mostly found shopping in the frozen isle of the super marked for bread and other baked goods extremely depressing. I realized there was a void to fill, someone just needs to make high-end fresh and gluten-free baked goods, made to order and delivered directly to the customer for best convenience. my needs sparked an idea and Krumville bake Shop was born. Our goods are now available in cafes, restaurants, around New York City and mostly online.