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How to Decorate a cake with flowers.

The month of May is blooming, literally!  And what better way to make a Mother’s Day cake even prettier than to decorate it with beautiful flowers. Inspired by my dear friend Pam, we took to decorating our Krumville Gluten-Free Strawberry Vanilla Cake with a gorgeous mini bouquet, all picked from Pam’s garden in upstate New York.  

With a few easy tips here is how you can decorate your mail-order cake for your mom's special day.


Gluten-free Italian Easter Cake

Easter is here, and that means It’s time for La Pastiera Napoletana!  

For those unfamiliar with this treat, it’s a classic Italian Easter cake.  It’s traditionally made with a “pasta frolla” crust and a hardy custard-like filling that’s made up of ricotta cheese, eggs, cooked wheat berries and orange blossom water.  

We are exited to share with you this delicious gluten-free version. 

Gluten-free Flaky Pie Crust

A Pie Crust recipe, using our Pastry Flour mix!