How to decorate a cake with flowers

How to Decorate a cake with flowers

The month of May is blooming, literally!  And what better way to make a Mother’s Day cake even prettier than to decorate it with beautiful flowers. Inspired by my dear friend Pam, we took to decorating our Krumville Gluten-Free Strawberry Vanilla Cake with a gorgeous mini bouquet, all picked from Pam’s garden in upstate New York.   With a few easy tips here is how you can decorate your mail-order cake for your mom's special day.

What you'll need:

Choose 3 kinds of flowers: - Lilac, Freesia (red or violet) - Branches: Quince or Cherry Blossom Additional Items: - Flower scissors - Saran wrap
The most important tip in choosing the right flowers is the color and size. For our 6'' Strawberry Vanilla Cake, we found that small to medium size flowers were the most suitable and proportionate. Color: Since we are working on a yellow and pink cake, you will want to stay in the same color spectrum.  Think violets, pinks, and reds.  As an accent color, green branch leaves will go great and help give a good contrast.  In May, we have lilacs, quince and cherry blossoms- among many others- blossoming here in New York. I was lucky enough to have homegrown flowers from my friend's garden upstate to play with. But if you don’t have access to a garden, no worries.  I noticed when I went to the corner flower shop in NYC that there were plenty of lilacs, red freesia, and cherry blossom branches to choose from and swap if you can't find a blooming quince (used in picture).

Find a branch among your selection that has a natural diagonal shape, and cut it so each part will only stick out a 1/2” on each side. To prop in the cake, wrap tightly (with saran wrap) one inch of the branch that you’d like to insert in the cake.  This is so we don't contaminate the cake with unpleasant flavors.  Next are the lilacs.  You will only need one pretty lilac inserted in the cake.  Less is more when it comes to decorating a cake with flowers.  Just remember to wrap the short stem (about 1'') in saran wrap. Then pick 3 of the quince flowers (or cherry blossoms), and cut the stems a 1/2” from the flower, wrap in saran wrap and insert in the cake near each other.  Repeat the same process for the freesia, and since that flower is taller it will work great if arranged behind the other flowers. And voila!  Your creation is complete.  I hope you’ve had fun and found it rewarding adding this personal touch to your Mother’s Day cake. 

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