Smorgasburg, Brooklyn.

Mario Batali with Dominique Ansel at Smorgasburg's food fair. 

"Did Mario say WOW to our gluten-free chocolate truffle cake?? Pinch me!!!"

Oprah Magazine - O List

"Let Us Eat Cake! this chocolate and salted-Caramel cake before we realized it was gluten-free. One we new, we had the perfect excuse to have another scrumptious slice."

Brooklyn Magazine

IN PRAISE OF... written by Kristin Iversen

We are now in the midst of what is, by far, the hardest time of the year to be gluten-free. Tables are laden with cookies and cakes; holiday brunches features platters of bagels, croissants, and French toast; assorted roast birds are filled with stuffing and bread crumbs dot just about every side dish, lending their ineffable crunch to all they touch. It's enough to drive someone with celiac disease crazy with carb-envy! Which is why we want to take the time to praise Krumville Bake Shop, a delicious haven for the wheat-averse. Founded and run by Antonella Zangheri, who was inspired to start a gluten-free baked goods line when she was diagnosed with celiac disease, Krumville offers everything from delectable extra virgin oilve oil croutons to luscious coconut layer cake to tender rosemary focaccia. Everything of offer is at least as good as its gluten-filled counterpart, and allows those of us who can't usually partake in certain festive offerings to happily indulge anyway.

NBC- Nightly News

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