Retail Partners


making amazing gluten-free

sandwiches on our focaccia at all locations



Focaccia Bread Retailer +

making amazing gluten-free

focaccia bread sandwiches 

A Fine cheese store 

retailing our Focaccia bread.


Find Layer Cakes, 

Muffins and cookies


Purveyors of foodie gifts

Find our Cookies and Amaretti

West village coffee shop 

find daily our fresh muffins.

1900 Broadway @ 64th Street

Find Muffins and Cookies.




Philadelphia, NJ

making amazing gluten-free

focaccia bread sandwiches


35th / Madison Ave

3rd Ave / 15th street

find Italian style GF sandwiches



Tea shop and pretty things

serving our Lemon Bundt.







Serving Sandwiches on our

GF Focaccia Bread.



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