Plum Cardamon Tart

say something about Plums found at the farmers market.

I wanted this tart to resemble an Italian Crostata, but make it with fresh fruit instead of traditional jam. Made with Pasta Frolla an Italian sweet pastry dough, it resembles somewhat a short bread cookie if never had it.

Have you ever made a fruit tart with a soggy bottom? They are very frustrating ant they!

Trouble shooting the issues In my head I tried to prevenient all possible soggy outcomes with these few simple extra steps in our recipe.

1- pick fruit that is ripe but firm to the touch, if fruit is too ripe it won't hold their shape while baking. Of course stay away from fruits that have a high water content, you know like strawberries!

2-coat your tart dough with egg whites, brush gently on the formed tart dough before you add any toppings. The egg whites will coagulate at baking and prevent any liquids from seeping trough.

3 - rather than coating in a bowl all the fruit with corn starch, I made a simple dry mix to sprinkle at the bottom of the tart dough. Just enough to bind with any extra liquid formed from the fruit cooking.


Italian Sweet Pastry Dough - Pasta Frolla

1 +1/3 C = 200 gr Krumville Pastry Flour Mix (make sure you sift and mix the flour mix well before scaling)

3 Tbsp = 35 gr Sugar

1/2 Tsp = 2 gr  sea salt

1/2 C = 113 gr unsalted cold butter (I used Plugra)

1 = 50 gr  Egg (LG)

1 = 20 gr Egg Yolk ( save the egg white)

1 lemon zest 


In a food processor (at least a 4qt size) add: flour, sugar, salt and lemon zest, pulse to mix all the dry ingredients, add cold cubed butter (1/2 cubes), pulse until the dough resemble coarse sand. Add the egg and the extra yolk and pulse until dough is formed.  Remove the all the dough and form a ball, place it in  covered bowl and chill for t least 30 min. 


1 lb Red and Black Plums (about 6) 

1 Tbsp Sugar (plus more for sprinkling  on top the plums)

1 Tsp Corn Starch

1/8 tsp ground cardamon

1 egg white 


Cut and slice each plum in 8 wedges, and place them aside in a  bowl until ready to assemble the tart. 

Whisk together, sugar corn starch and Cardamon.

Assemble the tart :

Use a 8'' tart form ( get one that has the bottom sheet removable it assures the tart won't brake when taking it out the shell).

spray the tart pan, by had take the pastry dough and flatten about 6'' wide. place it in the middle of the shell and working outward with your finger spread the dough up to the edges, you'll want a think crust (about 1/4 '') after you even out the edges thickness cut all the excess dough off. you should be left with about 1/4 cup of dough.

after the dough is evenly spread brush some egg whites to the surface, n ow it time to sprinkle the cornstarch/sugar and cardamon as evenly as you can, these extra steps this will prevent the crust become soggy and help absorb all the fruit juices. 

Place all the fruit, skin facing down in the tart in radiant shape. finish by sprinkling  some extra sugar.

place in a preheated oven at 350, bake for 45 min. Until the crust edges are browned and the fruit is soft. 

Let the tart completely cool on a rack before slicing and serving.

Buon appetito!